DSC00888Lindsey showed a love for music at a very early age. Her piano playing and singing brought joy to her parent’s hearts as they listened to her express herself with music at the age of 4. When she turned 8 years old, she voiced an interest in taking violin lessons. She took two years of Classical Violin and decided her heart was into fiddle music. When she started taking lessons from her fiddle teacher, Warren Whistler of Grants Pass Oregon, her love for music took wing and it became very apparent that she was developing into an amazing musician at the age of ten. Lindsey was beginning to play exceptionally well on the fiddle, but she found that the guitar was an instrument that she was naturally attracted to and loved to learn to play. She learned a few basic chords from her father and that sparked the fire inside her to learn more about the instrument that would become her best friend. Lindsey’s mom showed her a video of Chet Atkins on Youtube and Lindsey quickly took to his style of playing the guitar at age 11. Lindsey sat for hours studying Chet’s videos and trying to mimic his unique picking style. She quickly developed the ability to copy his music with her playing and started to perform in several talent shows and recitals during her younger years. Chet’s style inspired her to save money to buy her first Gretsch 5120 guitar. At 12, Lindsey had learned a few of Chet Atkin’s songs. Humoresque, being her first.

The Humoresque – 2008

After learning Chet’s finger style method, Lindsey decided to learn various songs of Chet’s which prompted her to save for her next Gretsch Guitar (Cadillac Green 6196). It was on this guitar that she learned to play the Black Mountain Rag and Georgia Camp Meeting. Chet always had different licks and ways he would play his tunes for different performances, so Lindsey would incorporate various licks of Chet’s into her song arrangements as well.

The Black Mountain Rag – 2008

At a Georgia Camp Meeting – 2010

After about 1yr of playing the guitar and fine tuning Chet’s finger style, Lindsey decided to put some of her accomplishments on Youtube. She was immediately noticed by many who loved Chet’s music and they prompted her to attend CAAS (Chet Atkins Appreciation Society in Nashville) to learn more about finger style guitar and to play with some of the greatest guitar pickers in the world. At CAAS she met many friends and was able to play guitar with Bob Saxton, Ray Cummings, Rob Bourassa, Guy Van Duser, Bobby Gibson, Ray Espinoza, Elaine Frizzell and many others. After meeting Rob Bourassa at CAAS, he started to instruct Lindsey on how to play a great Western Swing rhythm style guitar and banjo picking.

Battle Hymn of the Republic – CAAS 2011 In Honor of Our Troops

In 2009, Lindsey was asked to join a Western Band called the Bar-G Wranglers to perform with them in Springdale, UT. Her job was to play the fiddle (improvisation) to their Western style tunes and as a bonus, they had her perform some great Chet tunes with them. The band moved up to Bryce Canyon National Park where she performed with them for the next 3Yrs playing Fiddle and Lead Guitar. She also got to serve customers their meals and participated in a Pre-show event where she would show the audiences her whip-cracking skills.

Whip-cracking pre-show – Bar-G Wranglers 2010

During Lindsey’s time at Bryce Canyon National Park, she took time off from the band every July to attend CAAS. Mark Pritcher, the organizer for CAAS, gave Lindsey the opportunity to play her own music stage sets for others to see her progress and enjoy her talent.

Take my Hand Precious Lord – CAAS 2010

At 21, Lindsey has played with several bands and has done studio work for CDs and backtracking for DVDs. She plays various instruments and sings for the worship band at her church and has also played for other local bands: The Bar G Wranglers, Pine Mountain Blue Grass Band & Rock’N’Horse Western/Classic Rock band.  She is currently performing with Stillhouse Road, Red Rock Express, and “The Lindsey Short Band”.  Lindsey sings and plays the Fiddle, Guitar, Mandolin, Bass, Drums & Banjo.

Lindsey is currently looking to pursue full/part time work as a studio musician or performing artist/band for local or across country gigs. She is working on her first CD in which she will express her love for a variety of music styles. See my resume here for more details…

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