This page is dedicated to Mister Guitar who inspired me with his unique style of playing. His music will continue to live on in those he has inspired. Over the years I have meet so many great musicians, Chet fans and friends who have been inspired by Chet’s music.

“Giving Life to Guitars” was a song arranged for Chet by my good friend Aaron Edwards. I took this song to CAAS in 2010 to have all the great guitar pickers sign.


George and Lindsey at CAAS 2009. Chet Atkins Picks on Jerry Reid was a signed album given to Lindsey by George.

Rob and Lindsey met at CAAS in 2009 after which Rob begin instructing Lindsey to play Western Swing Style Rhythm guitar and Banjo picking.

Lindsey with Rob Bourassa CAAS - 2009

Chet playing “At a Georgia Camp Meeting” in 1950

Lindsey playing “At a Georgia Camp Meeting” in 2010
Chet playing “Humoresque” in 1950

Lindsey playing “Humoresque” CAAS 2009 in Nashville
Chet playing “Vilia at the Ozark Jubilee” in 1958

Lindsey playing “Vilia” 2009
Chet playing “Black Mountain Rag”

Lindsey w/ Bob Saxton playing “Black Mountain Rag” Nashville

Mister Guitar played many great Finger Style arrangements, This is Lindsey’s complete Chet video collection.